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The Writing Calendar: June 2016 Your one stop shop for all the upcoming writing events & deadlines in Perth and WA in June 2016

I decided to put this calendar for the month of June together on a whim. And then it took forever. So this is the monster list of everything even remotely writerly and literary that is going on in Perth and WA in the month of June from today onwards.

Anyone who says the arts is dead in Perth is wrong – it was tiring to compile and it is tiring to even contemplate. IF this does prove useful to you, let me know if you want me to do one each month. IF so, then Emily Paull will be helping to collate info & we will be cross posting here with the calendar maintained on a permanent page, at her site and possibly also on DWOA.

Authors: a lot of bookstores/libraries are too busy to update their events pages so please tweet at me @mwikramanayake or else we may never know & I may not see your other tweets/posts.
WritingWA, ASA, MEAA, AWG & IPEd: 1. Yes, you can nick the list & post it wherever you like. 2. Please let us know of events too, both literary & journalistic – tweet them @mwikramanayake so my email doesn’t die.
Other organisations/bookstores/libraries: send us your events please.
Readers: send us your bookclub information too if you want new members.

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My Top Seven … Flawed Characters

This list comes to your wonderful eyeballs courtesy of Madame Annabel Smith, she of Whisky Charlie Foxtrot fame. She likes a sassy rogue, a cheeky devil, a lovable larrikin… you get the idea.

The lovable rogue is a literary trope in the form of a character, often from a dysfunctional or working-class upbringing, who tends to recklessly defy norms and social conventions but who still evokes empathy from the audience or other characters.
   – Wikipedia

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Sulari Gentill’s A Few Right Thinking Men


I grew up on a literary diet that had a healthy portion of crime fiction in it and these days if I see one crime novel that sparks my interest then the entire process of hunting down the whole series one by one begins.

This is also one reason why I am so glad that the first book in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series never fully grabbed me in the same way – I would still be trying to get through all of them decades later. Continue reading