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The website is being upgraded. Curious? You can peruse the blog below. Keen to hire me or have a book/project you want me to work on? I do journalism, copywriting, social media, PR and editorial work on both a contract and freelance basis. You can email me at marisa@marisa.com.au and let me know what's going on.

Aluthagma and the BBS

From the Colombo Telegraph, the speech: For those of you who are not Sinhala speaking: “This country still has a Sinhalese Police, this country still has a Sinhalese Army. It will be the end of all [Muslims] if a Muslim at least lays a finger on a Sinhalese,” It’s not that hard to see how what he says could be… Read more →


A conversation with Fay

In case you missed it, I got interviewed by my Honours buddy, entrepreneur, day dreamer and all things film and marketing knowledgeable, Fay Ann D’Souza of Thousand By Ten Days.  Apparently I managed to say something useful in the middle of all the rambling. On what not to do: I have also learned never to attempt the madness of three… Read more →

Interview with Jane Rawson

When Jane Rawson’s book A Wrong Turn At The Office of Unmade Lists showed up in my mail box, I was both thrilled and dismayed. I was thrilled because the cover caught my eye and it had maps on it and I adore anything to do with maps and geography. I was dismayed because the book title was long. In… Read more →

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