Portfolio of Journalism & Editing work

Portfolio of Journalism & Editing work

Marisa Wikramanayake


for: Hardie Grant Publishing 
by: Domonique Bertolucci
published: Oct 4, 2016
genre: self-help; non-fiction 

for: Seizure in conjunction with Xoum
by: Jane Rawson
published: Aug 3, 2014
genre: speculative fiction; novella 

Formaldehyde was one of the three winners of the 2014 Viva La Novella prize run by seizure for which I was both editor and judge. 

Broadcast work

Television news – packages

story: China’s Circuit Breaker Mechanism
for: Newsfirst, Capital Maharaja Organisation Private Limited, Colombo, Sri Lanka
work: production – scripting, editing and voicing
visuals: Reuters & Xinhua (via Reuters)
air date: created as story for 30 min pilot episode for business news program but was never aired

I worked briefly as an intern in TV and radio production for a national broadcaster from December 2015 to January 2016 while in Colombo, Sri Lanka and was allowed to use a few examples of my work for my portfolio. 

story: Mexican Volcano Eruption
for: Newsfirst, Capital Maharaja Organisation, Colombo, Sri Lanka
work: production – scripting and editing (voiced by another reporter)
visuals: Reuters 
air date: Jan 1, 2016
software: Remote Producer & Edius

I worked briefly as an intern in TV and radio production for a national broadcaster from December 2015 to January 2016 while in Colombo, Sri Lanka and was allowed to use a few examples of my work for my portfolio. 

story: Single Window System
for: Newsfirst, Capital Maharaja Organisation, Colombo, Sri Lanka
work: production – scripting and editing (voiced by another reporter)
visuals: Reuters 
air date: Jan 1, 2016
software: Remote Producer & Ediusa

Political & business reporting

From December 2014 to February 2015, I covered the Sri Lankan Presidential election campaign for the online and print editions of the Daily Financial Times, a national daily business English language newspaper. I wrote news and feature pieces including the following front page stories. 

Front page stories

front page story: SAARC event – cooperation can create a community of countries
for: Daily FT
published: Dec 9, 2014
online link: 

front page story: Mahathir moots Malaysian model
for: Daily FT
published: Dec 10, 2014
online link:

front page story: Google launches Streetview
for: Daily FT
published: Dec 12, 2014
online link:  http://www.ft.lk/2014/12/12/google-launches-street-view-in-sri-lanka-gears-up-to-capture-gorgeous-geography/

front page story: Secretary to the President’s comments at the Momentum Forum
for: Daily FT
published: Dec 18, 2014
online link: http://www.ft.lk/2014/12/18/weeratunga-gets-passionate-about-what-sets-president-rajapaksa-apart-from-other-leaders/

front page story: Momentum Forum intro piece (shared byline with three other reporters who covered other parts of the event)
for: Daily FT
published: Dec 18, 2014
online link: http://www.ft.lk/2014/12/18/synchronised-mr-captivates-colombo/

front page story: Maithri & Ranil address business leaders
for: Daily FT
published: Dec 24, 2014
online link: http://www.ft.lk/2014/12/24/maithri-ranil-answer-biz-concerns-shed-key-insights/

front page story: Central Bank Governor Cabraal say platform set for stronger economic growth
for: Daily FT
published: Jan 03, 2015
online link: http://www.ft.lk/2015/01/03/cabraal-says-platform-set-for-stronger-economic-growth/

front page story: High highway costs are reasonable: Minister’s Secretary
for: Daily FT
published: Jan 06, 2015
online link:  http://www.ft.lk/2015/01/06/high-highway-costs-are-reasonable-ministry-secy/


interview:  Cesar Cernuda, Microsoft Asia Pacific CEO
for: Daily FT
published: Dec 18, 2014
online link: http://www.ft.lk/2014/12/18/cesar-cernuda-candid-on-cloud-computing/

interview: GO Communications CEO Michael de Kretser
for: Daily FT
published: Jan 13, 2015
online link: http://www.ft.lk/2015/01/13/peace-public-relations-and-publishing-michael-de-kretser-goes-for-it/


op ed feature on election: Mahinda, Maithripala and does my vote matter? 
for: Daily FT
published: Jan 8, 2015
online link: http://www.ft.lk/2015/01/08/mahinda-maithripala-and-does-my-vote-matter/

op ed on Brexit: Brexit’s impact on Sri Lanka
for: Daily FT
published: Jun 28, 2016
online link: http://www.ft.lk/article/551236/Brexit-s-impact-on-Sri-Lanka

Literary journalism & book reviews

I wrote reviewed books for a short period for the West Australian newspaper. Two of these reviews are showcased here. I also currently write about books for Australian Women Writers, review books on my blog and film author interviews and book launches and some of these are also showcased here. 

review: Kim Fu’s For Today I am a Boy
for: The West Australian
published: Feb 2013

review: Wolfgang Herrndorf’s Why We Took The Car
for: The West Australian
published: January 2013

video: Margaret River Press launch of Shibboleth – the 2016 Short Story Anthology
for: Margaret River Press
published online: Aug 29, 2016

video: Emily Paull interviews author Liz Byrski
for: Westbooks
published online: Jul 17, 2016


The Writing Calendar in Calendar form

The fancy timeline list view of this calendar is here. Let me know which version you like better.

Competitions, Events, Work Opportunity, Writing

July 2016 Writing Calendar WA based events, workshops, comps, courses and more

I decided to put this calendar for the month of June together on a whim. And then people loved it. So this is the monster list of everything even remotely writerly and literary that is going on in Perth and WA in the month of July 2016 from today onwards.

So a few quick answers to questions:

Will this list always be on this site?

MEAA WA is keen to cross-post/host/something along those lines. This will also be cross-posted at Emily Paull‘s site. And possibly on DWOA once we tweak a few things.

Can you compile a list for Victoria and Melbourne?

Not at this point – no time to spare. Please take it on as a project and let us know so we can pass/share/link to it. If you find this useful & are immensely grateful and want to compensate me for my time spent on this, go check out my Patreon

Why collaborate with MEAA? Or with DWOA? Or anyone else?

I am more concerned about the end result: getting info to people who need it. Because I get it – writing centres and other organisations are often run with the help of volunteers or with limited resources. Either you can’t do everything you want to or you lack the technical knowhow. Hence why I would rather collaborate with organisations than be all “My precious!” about it and why I am happy for people to pass the list around or add stuff from it to their own lists.

To me, it just made sense to have a one stop shop for as much of it as possible.

Is this list duplicating other lists? 

In parts yes, but as a whole, no. Events have come from ASA, AWM, APWN, AWG, IPEd, Society of Editors WA, FAWWA, PCWC, KSP, Writing WA, a few libraries and all the WA universities and bookshops and groups to compile the list. Think of this one as an almost exhaustive list collating almost everything in one place.

Can we send you information?

Yes. Please tweet your info at me at @mwikramanayake. Please send me signings/talks/lectures/comps/courses. If sending writing group details, check the end of the list first. Authors/organisations/libraries/bookstores/universities/bookclubs can all send info in.

What are these odd events you have added in? 

Very likely things I think journalists would be interested in or things writers specialising in certain forms/genres/subjects would be keen on.

I don’t like scrolling…

Here is a calendar view w/ categories. Please stay tuned for possible GCal/iCal functionality.

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